We thought this picture was a good idea at 4:00am.

"Man, I am handsome! You know what I look like? ... Washington crossing the Delaware

Yes, we take care of people.
Yes, we save lives.
Yes, this is a scary thought.
Yes, this is only Root Beer.

Usually, I really love my job. This was definitely one of those times.

Alarming Discovery: Events played out on Unit CF.
While stroking her recent mountain biking accident scar, with a concerned look, states:
Col: "I'm concerned, I feel like there's a piece of bone fragment getting pushed out of my scar."
Roach: "Well... it looks red? It kind of looks like a piece of paper? Can I pull it?"
Col: "Wait, I think it's attached?"
Roach reaches ever so gently to assess this supposed bone-fragment situation and discovers,
Roach: "I think it's a skittle!?" [Laughing, pulls the piece off her forehead]
Col: "No! Wait... that's a Hot Tamale!"
These are the people I work with... I am so proud.

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