Don't force it.

"Don't force it either, this is your first one... you should just let it, flow."
- Col.

Who knew that the process to enable a blog site would be, or could be, so painful? I did not. The whole naming process was not only a Google.com Search necessity, but after finally compromising on a name... name "Sorry, Name Unavailable."

Obviously, my first choice was "Whiteonrice" - which, sadly, was unavailable. After brainstorming with some of my favorite co-workers-slash-friends, we came up with:
- "Brownonrice" - Taken.
- "Whiteonriceboom" - Maybe a little too much.
- "Yellowonrice" - Decidedly not a good choice.
- "Brownonwhiterice" - Taken.

So, again, a compromise to utilize the initial "Whiteonrice" with a little Japanese-suggestion, changing "rice" to "raisu" (the Japanese pronunciation of "rice," ライス). I think I am a genius at this point. Then, I realize I am a genius when I input the idea and Blogger finally tells me, "Name Available." Boom.

The Runners-Up:
- Willblogforbeer.blogspot.com
- Myskinnylife.blogspot.com
- Buildingmyego.blogspot.com
- Thismakesmeimportant.blogspot.com
- Beerbellyblog.blogspot.com

After discussions taking place at work, we have come to the conclusion that this blog may not only be for my family and friends regarding my life and travels; but a place to quote the hellacious happenings of the hospital unit that we work on. This may have to happen. No only for the venting aspect, but the quotations that arise with my co-workers and hospital staff... they are notably blog-worthy. My life is not, well, only sometimes.

So, let's see how this works out for me. Most importantly, let's see if I stick to it. That's the challenge.

- E.


From Sunday to Monday said...

Sounds like fun...can wait to check up on the craziness I miss out on when I'm not here(at work)!

Anonymous said...

Nice to know our tax dollars are being well spent! Should include the episodes of gut retching fun at night!

Mallarie said...

Did you spend hours trying to figure out the perfect font? The perfect backdrop? I'm picturing you in the Clemens library messing around with powerpoint presentations. I'm sure it was a similar go-around with this. excited to hear about your shenanigans.